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Welcome to German Laundry Pvt Ltd, where a vision of excellence has matured into over fourteen years of service, innovation, and leadership. Founded by Mr. Tushar Raul, we have grown from our humble beginnings into a pivotal presence in the daily lives of our customers. As we mark this fourteenth anniversary, we celebrate the journey from a simple dream to an integral part of our community.

The Visionary Behind Our Success

Mr. Tushar Raul, the driving force behind German Laundry, started with a foundational philosophy: "Think Big. Don’t hesitate to start small." His visionary leadership has fostered not just business growth, but a culture of entrepreneurship and professionalism. This blend of ideals and practical training has established German Laundry as a distinguished name in the laundry service industry.

Fourteen Years of Progress and Outreach

Over the past fourteen years, German Laundry has expanded significantly, now boasting a network of 18 stores across Mumbai and Delhi. We've become a trusted fixture in our customers' lives, confidently meeting their needs with a personal touch and respect. The challenges of the pandemic tested our resolve but also highlighted our resilience. We adeptly navigated these times by keeping 12 essential stores operational, ensuring we continued to serve our community when it was needed most. As we returned to normalcy, our agility and commitment spurred a period of robust growth and expansion, enhancing our services and reach.

State-of-the-Art Operations

Our facilities boast state-of-the-art infrastructure, including advanced machinery, vehicles, logistics, and devices. Our modern techniques in cleaning and finishing extend to a variety of items, from clothing to household fabrics, sofas, and carpets, ensuring top-notch service for our customers.

Our Work Culture and Community Impact

The work culture at German Laundry mirrors the illustrious lifestyles of our customers, who now number over 200,000. As we celebrate this significant milestone, we are poised for new achievements and a future of continued excellence and innovation. The next generation at German Laundry is already at the forefront, embracing our legacy, envisioning the future, and driving our mission forward with dedication.

The Future and Beyond

The next generation of leaders at German Laundry embraces our rich legacy while driving our mission forward with fresh vigor and dedication. Our culture of innovation and quality continues to thrive, paving the way for a future filled with potential and promise.

Celebrating Success and Looking Forward

Mr. Tushar Raul, reflecting on our fourteen-year journey, feels a profound sense of achievement and anticipation for what’s next. His dream has not only transformed into a thriving reality but continues to expand and inspire. Join us as we look forward to more years of setting standards in the laundry industry, fostering community ties, and innovating for better service. Here's to the future of German Laundry Pvt Ltd—grounded in tradition, and soaring towards new achievements. - humanize

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Prabhadevi, Mumbai


Tel: +91 9920155155

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